European Aerial Dance Festival

14th - 19th August 2022

EADF 2022

Hello and welcome to The European Aerial Dance Festival 2022 (#EADF22!).
We’re now in our 11th year, having had to postpone the last couple of years and boy have we missed connecting with friends from all over the world, so we’re thrilled to be welcoming you back and hope that you’ll be able to join us. This years’ EADF will run for one week Sun 14th – Fri 19th August as we tentatively dip our toes back in the water – quite literally, as this year we’ll be working in partnership with the wonderful Worthing Pavilion, situated on the beach on the South coast of England.

Whilst the festival will be shorter than previously this year, it’s still big on offering a wide variety of aerial and complimentary skills across all levels for you to choose from and as always with World class teaching talent. We’re so excited, not to mention grateful, to our funders and partner organisations, (more on those later). It also feels import to acknowledge our beginnings and all the folks along the way who’ve made these events possible.

The EADF, alongside sister festivals the Irish Aerial Dance Festival (IADF) and Les rencontres de danse aérienne (LRDA, France) were all inspired by the original Frequent Flyers ADF in Boulder, Colorado (now in its 24th year) and a desire to work together to create something similar for Europe.

So, a huge thanks to Nancy Smith in the first instance for imagining the 1st meeting to bring the aerial community together and to Chantal McCormick and Fred Deb for running with the idea of a series of ADF’s around Europe. And last but not least to all the wonderful tutors, riggers, venues, producers and fundraisers who’ve worked with us over the years to make these happen and to you, our fabulous participants without whom there would be no festival! Right then, here’s to dancing and flying together again!


We’re back! Did you miss us?

We certainly missed you!

The EADF will run from Sun 14th – Fri 19th August inclusive, yay!

In the interim period a lot has happened and also hasn’t… guessing we don’t need to remind you of this!!!!

Anyhow quite a large event, (and also about as welcome as Covid 19) was that some folks in the UK voted to leave the EU.

And since we’re firmly sticking by the European Aerial Dance Festival name it feels important to address the ‘elephant in the room’!

So why are we still calling it the EADF?

Well, whilst yes, we have left the EU, we’re definitely still located in Europe and declare ourselves proudly European and in support of working together to bring people closer through shared experiences both in Europe and across our global community.

Onwards and upwards!