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The European Aerial Dance Festival is now in its ninth year and we are thrilled to welcome participants from around the globe at all levels of their practice.

#EADFest 2018 will run again as a 2-week festival but you can also choose to come just for 1 week, the weekend or Saturday only pic n’ mix cornucopia of delights!

As always we have an incredible team of tutors lined up for you with 2, yes 2 tutors to every technique class giving you even more bang for your bucks.

The Act creation, refinement and performance labs will be back with the opportunity to perform in the friendliest, most encouraging environment possible.

We’ll be joined by the wonderful Sarah Poole, one of the lead aerial coaches from Ecole National du Cirque in Montreal – if you didn’t get to train with her last year make sure you book in early for this – a truly exceptional aerial coach.

And finally we’ll also be offering a weekend long ‘Rigging Fundamentals’ workshop with rigging supremo Bryan Donaldson – truly a must for anyone wanting to take aerial seriously and a pop-up physio clinic with additional aerial and cyr surgery workshops in week 2 with James Wellington from Perform Health. 




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Level Definitions

We recognise that choosing the level appropriate for you in every skill can be confusing so we’ve tried to help out a little below and the individual class descriptions also have guidelines for further clarification.

So just because you’re an skilled fabric practitioner that doesn’t mean you have to take the same level across all your technique options and the great thing about spreading the festival over 2 weeks is that you can choose completely different course options in week 2.

Please note that some class levels are combined levels.

If at the end of reading you still don’t know please just ask!



If you’re either pretty new to aerial or this is indeed your first aerial class and you don’t your straddle climb from a side-pickup, then this is the level for you. Classes are tailored for those who just want to give it a go through to those with slightly more experience.


So you’ve been taking aerial classes for a while now but are still very much learning your trade, this is your level for you.

Typically these classes are for those who train in aerial at least two hours per week.

Most of the EADF these classes will usually be offered alongside explorer level but don’t fear, your tutors will be able to keep everyone learning and moving whatever your current level.

This is that slightly tricky place (but also exciting place to be) where you’re definitely beyond Improver level but you’re not quite ready to step up to the next level. This year we’ve tried to add in at least a couple of classes (more in week two) with you in mind.

Aimed at the more confident and competent aerialists who know their stuff. If you are looking to improve your technique and find your own creative voice in the air, well, you’ve found your level right here.

This level is for professionals or highly skilled practitioners who have maintained a high level aerial practise over several years. Ideally you train regularly on your chosen equipment and have found the right balance for you of technique to creative balance. There is however always more to learn, now that’s exciting isn’t it?