Gaia Santuccio

Lil Rice

Born in Sicily, grew up in the UK, not based anywhere.. Yet! She crochets ropes that she doesn’t climb. She loves stream of consciousness writing and she takes inspiration to move from her writing. She is Italian but don’t expect her to be good at cooking.

Gaia’s main focus is movement research through the body and her relationship with the aerial rope. She extrapolates theoretical knowledge from her physical practice with the intention to transform it into creative tools to encourage further and deeper investigation of such. Knots and Sensing are at the core of her exploration. She works with restrictions and challenges as methods to deepen and expand bodily and technical knowledge of rope as well as a way to push the boundaries and go further.

She teaches rope workshops internationally, sharing methods that go under the name of Rope Manipulation which she developed as part of her MA studies at SKH (formerly DOCH) in Stockholm, Sweden.