Fabric – Skilled/Advanced

10.15am – 11.45am 
Space B, chandelier 1 – Tutor Serenity Smith Forchion

This course is for Skilled/Advanced students of aerial fabric, those having a strong technical base and high level of experience.

To attend this class you must be able to climb the fabric (or rope) confidently in a variety of ways, invert repeatedly from hanging with ease, have mastered all basic locks, and feel comfortable spending extended periods of time in the fabric.  This class will ask you to play, explore and open yourself to new ways of working in the air.

Beginning with a technical vocabulary, we will break down skills to their essential
components, offering you the opportunity to design and follow your own pathways and
create your own movement or dance in the air.  Improvisation will be a part of our technical work.

Please note: the level of this class has changed since the festival launched.


Fabric – Intermediate and up

12 -1.30pm – Tutor
Space B, chandelier 1 – Tutor Serenity Smith Forchion

Open to aerialists who have been training for at least a year with a regular practice and are comfortable with inversions, hip key, cross-back straddle, and foot lock in the air seeking to level up in skills and technique.

More than just tricks, we’ll dig into the capacity of the human body through skill building with an eye to how you can develop your own movement pathways within the acquisition of higher level tricks. What’s really going on with friction, slack, blocking, and c-shaping and what are progressions for bigger things like release moves and unlocked drops? Plus poetry of movement and investigating pathways to creating dances in the air.