Corde Lisse – ‘Dynamic Flow’ Skilled/Advanced

2.30pm – 4.00pm
Space B, chandelier 1 – Tutor Alex Allan

The focus of this workshop is on the development of a seamless and dynamic movement style on rope.

Throughout the week, students will develop a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental dynamic beats and their extensions. By using dynamic pathways, we’re able to find the path of least resistance and move through the air with power and fluidity. We’ll train techniques and step-by-step progressions for momentum-based transitions and then use them in short phrases of original choreography.

Pre-requisites: Participants should feel very comfortable and confident with common beat pathways (front-back, straddle, scissor, flares) and should be able to perform straight arm hip keys and inversions.

Corde Lisse – ‘Connecting with the Floor’ – Intermediate up

4.15pm – 5.45pm
Space B, chandelier 1 – Tutor Alex Allan

This series is open to practitioners at intermediate through to advanced level wishing to explore the geography outside of ‘trick’-based aerial work and that feel open to moving on the floor.

In this workshop series students will investigate new ways of interacting with their apparatus, not just in the air but also on the floor. We’ll work from the ground up, exploring movement with the rope on the floor and learning tools to develop a floor-based research practice with the rope. Participants will also learn small pieces of choreography taking them from the floor to the air and back again, seamlessly blending the boundaries between both horizontal and vertical planes.

Pre-requisites: Some experience with vertical apparatus would be helpful but not necessary for this class. More than anything participants should just bring their openness and curiosity to moving in a different way with Corde Lisse.