Aerial Dance Trapeze – Skilled/Advanced

10.15am – 11.45am – Tutor Kalina Suter
Space F, chandelier 2 (free standing rig)

This class is open to high level and experienced trapeze practitioners.

The focus of this class will be on sequences, pathways and fine tuning the art of spinning and moving with the trapeze. Blending the world of intuition based creative movement and that of technique and tricks. You do not need to be experienced in spinning, however it’s helpful to have some stamina and spin tolerance prior.

Participants should be able to do pull-ups, tuck under the bar to pike position without touching the bar with their feet, and hang off the bar by one hand with the shoulder in an engaged position for at least five seconds.

Please bring protective clothing (long sleeve shirts, many layers, ankle protection if desired).

Aerial Dance Trapeze – Explorer/Improver

12pm – 1.30pm – Tutor Kalina Suter
Space F, chandelier 2 (free standing rig)

Open to movers and aerialists at a beginner and improver level, we will look at exploring basic trapeze technique, as well as some of the exciting movement possibilities of aerial dance trapeze. The class will begin with basic technique and pathways, with a focus on understanding how to approach aerials with creativity and safety in mind. We’ll work through clear technical progressions to acquire new movements, and then play creatively, with the hopes of discovering personal sequences by the end of the week. We will also introduce spinning technique with the trapeze and how to find ease in your movement.

You should be able to hold yourself with supportive abdominals in suspension off of a bar with engaged shoulders for 10 seconds. Spending time before the festival on bar apparatus will also be useful in order to prepare your hands for trapeze classes.