Aerial Creative Lab – Mixed Apparatus

4.15pm – 5.45pm
Space D, Downstage Apron – Tutor Serenity Smith Forchion

This is the fun time! Work in a developmental atmosphere with creative direction to build your own act aimed for performance. You’ll get skills acquisition support as well as creative guidance with the aim to have your own piece moved as far along the pathway to the stage as possible. Bring an idea, a work in progress, a piece that has already had a life on stage that needs juicing up – we’ll work together to feed and grow your vision.

You are welcome to bring your own apparatus and Simon (our in-house rigging tech) will do the honors of hanging it after first checking it over.

You are also welcome to make use of any other equipment that isn’t in use at the time.
Serenity is also happy to work with non- aerial skills/acts e.g hand balancing, contortion, partner acro.