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Weekend Specials

Sat 11th, Sun 12th, Sat 18th

Weekend Specials

Pic 'n’ mix treats day (Intermediate, Skilled, Advanced)

Saturday 11th August, 9am - 6pm

NB 2 hour long technique classes

Dance - All levels 
9am – 10am

Tutor: Magalie Lanriot

Easing you gently into your day this class is a festival hit every year.

A head-to-toe warm up, that will generate heat in the body through breath and open the body through a series of repetitive short movement sequences which we’ll build on as the week progresses.

This is essentially a dance warm up so some prior dance experience and ability to pick up movement material is desirable.

NB you should have some dance experience to join this class


Multi corde Technique and creative lab  – Intermediate /Skilled/Advanced
10.15am – 12.15pm

Tutor: Saar Rombout & Shereen Hussain

In this class we will research the possibilities of what you can do with a bunch of little ropes hanging vertically. We will work on techniques that are inspired by vertical rope, straps, silks and handstands. We will use vocabulary created by Saar as a starting point, but also work on creating your own material in and around the ropes.

Pre- requisite you have to have an intermediate to advanced level in at least one other vertical apparatus.


Counterbalance fabric & cocoon creative lab – Intermediate /Skilled/Advanced
12.30pm – 2.30pm

Tutor: Chantal McCormick

Two cocoons or fabrics are rigged at each end of a large spreader bar so that you counterbalance each other as you move – so much fun to be had!

Working in pairs you’ll explore how to move seamlessly from floor to air and back down again running, spinning, flying.

Chantal will share with you techniques developed by Fidget Feet using this system for their show Strange feathers. 


Double Cloud Swing technique and creative lab  Intermediate /Skilled/Advanced
2.45pm – 4.45pm

Tutor: Saar Rombout

Double cloudswing are 2 ropes hanging in a U-shape under each other in which you can drop from one to another, knot them through each other and swing. This is a little known apparatus and technique meaning that Saar has created all of her own vocabulary.

In the class we’ll work through a range of techniques; balances, dynamic, drops and knots but also find time to explore creating your own movement.

Pre requisite - For this class you don’t need to have experience in cloud swing, but you do need to have and intermediate to advanced level in at least one other kind of aerial apparatus.

Massage and stretch - All levels
5pm – 6pm

Tutor: Magalie Lanriot

In this warm down session, you’ll be led through simple Tailendaise massage sequences (Shiatsu and Thai), to ease up any pain and soreness in the body and help prepare you for the next day. Each day we will target a different area of the body involved in aerial work e.g. the rotator cuff, the core muscles, the forearms and the lower back/pelvis and work with a partner to encourage greater flexibility, find space in the body, and a practical understanding of how to use these techniques to enhance your training.



Weekend Socials

Saturday 11th August  - Social Supper 1 from 6.30pm
*This needs to booked and paid in advance during EADF week.

Grab this chance to have dinner and hang out with your new friends. Say ‘see you later’ to the folks leaving, a welcome hello to the ones arriving for week 2, swap stories, photos and contacts with your aerial community buddies, before joining us for an informal sharing of work from the act creation and performance lab class participants at 7.30 – 8.30pm (free for all EADF participants).

Informal performances/sharings - FREE

We recognise that there’s never enough time at the EADF to just hang out with your aerial buddies (even if you’ve been here for the full 2 weeks), so come and join us for the ‘Last Supper’ social and the final sharing of work from the act creation and performance lab class participants at 6.30 - 8pm, (free for all EADF participants).

NB this one will only run if we have enough folks sign up to the performance classes who want to perform.

Weekend Dance

Pic 'n' Mix

The Creation Space
Magalie Lanriot
Saturday 11th August
9.00AM - 10.00AM

Weekend Multi corde Technique and creative lab

Pick 'n' Mix

Creation Space
Saar Rombout
Shereen Hussain
Saturday 11th August
10.00AM - 5.30PM

Weekend Counterbalance fabric & cocoon creative lab

Pick 'n' Mix

Creation Space
Chantal McCormick
Saturday 11th August
12.30PM - 2.30PM

Weekend Double Cloud Swing technique and creative lab

Pick 'n' Mix

Creation Space
Saar Rombout
Saturday 11th August
2.45PM - 4.45PM

Weekend Massage and stretch

Pick 'n' Mix

Creation Space
Magalie Lanriot
Saturday 11th August
5.00PM - 6.00PM
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