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Performance Lab

Mon 6th - Sat 11th August

Performance Lab
4.15pm – 5.45pm (week 1, intermediate upwards)

This is for participants with a good to strong technical experience on one aerial apparatus: trapeze, fabric, rope and hoop and you should arrive with a short sequence of material that you are very comfortable with. 

NB If you wish to bring your own equipment that you want to work on, where at all possible we will try to rig it in the studio.

Come with an open mind and heart to play, explore and share as a group and open to supporting each other to create a safe creative environment. 

Chantal will use theatre games and choreographic exercises to help develop aerial material, focusing on how to express emotions, and play with scale on aerial equipment.  Chantal supports you throughout the session and helps you develop your own creative voice as an artist

Our goal is to create ease of moving in and out of the floor and up and off the equipment, connecting your individual story with the audience.

Please bring a notebook and pen/pencil with you. Chantal has been teaching this type of lab for almost 8years as part of the IADF and Creative Intensive course in IACC in Ireland.

If you decide to create a solo during the week there will be an opportunity to perform it on the evening of Saturday 11th August in the theatre. You can however just come to the class to experience the process and develop your ideas – performing is optional.

Performance Lab

Creation Space
Chantal McCormick
Mon 6th - Fri 10th August
4.15PM - 5.45PM
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