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Injury Awareness Aerial Surgery

Mon 12th - Fri 16th August

Injury Awareness

Week 2

Dance Studio
James Wellington
Mon 12th - Fri 16th August
10.15AM - 11.45AM
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Injury Awareness

Enhancing performance and minimizing injury.

In this class James will offer information on how to self assess and on the basic pre-requisites needed to train your discipline and share conditioning techniques to help improve your body’s resilience to the demands of your particular discipline.

His class will respond in part to who is in the class and their particular needs and questions but topics might include:

  • how to find the level of training suitable for your body
  • how to maximise your body’s ability without breaking it
  • what and how to train if you are injured.

NB Please note that this is a taught class and that James will be running a pop-up clinic for treatments each afternoon. A Google book-in doc for these treatments will be available online closer to the start of the festival.