Our classes

Below are all the classes available this year over the two week Festival, each class has a description and informs you of the level the class will be taken. * Please not that all courses other than the Act Creation and Performance Lab are one week long courses and NO classes are 'drop in’.

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Warm up

It is highly recommended that you attend a taught warm up class and there are a variety of classes to choose from.

Vertical Dance creative lab pg.jpg

Vertical dance

Vertical Dance refers to the plane on which the dance class and exploration happens.

Using climbing equipment and sit harnesses we upend the dance by 90 degrees using the wall as our dance floor. Liberating, fun, at times strenuous and discombobulating!

Act Refinement.jpg

Act Refinement

These classes are available to advanced aerialists only who are working towards a finished piece and have sequences of material or an act they wish to work with.

If you have specific equipment you want to use you should bring it with you to be rigged.

Trapeze lab 2016.jpg

Aerial Dance Trapeze

Aerial dance trapeze is a trapeze bar where the 2 ropes are rigged to a single point forming a triangular shape allowing the trapeze to spin and the performer to move with ease (eventually) between the floor and the air.

Cyr wheel jpg.jpg

Cyr wheel

The Cyr wheel is a single large aluminium or steel ring that makes a great dance/acro partner - given enough skill and training! This class has the added bonus of giving your body a challenging break from aerial.

Aerial fabric.jpg


Fabric  - also called silks, tissues or curtains (they’re not curtains!) Consisting of a single piece of fabric, rigged from the middle to provide 2 tails of fabric on which to climb and find various wraps – ‘locks and keys’ to those in the know.

Counterweight harness.jpg

Counterweight Harness

This class uses side pick up harnesses (2 points) with the flyer connected to another person (counterweighter) who works with them to find flight, ascents and descents.

Acro hand balance

Acrobatics & Hand Balance

This class is a wide-ranging approach to acrobatics and handstands that explores how the two can be combined to create interesting and alternative forms of movement.

Aerial Fabrice/Cocoon

Aerial Fabric/Cocoon Duets and Creative Play

Two fabrics or cocoons are rigged at each end of a spreader bar so that you counterbalance each other – so much fun to be had!